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Biblical Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Emphasis

Biblical Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Emphasis

The Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Emphasis of the M.Div. degree shapes you to counsel others effectively in various servant leadership roles. Designed for the university or Bible college graduate, this emphasis will foster your own spiritual growth so that God may work through you to meet the spiritual needs of others.

Practice spiritual disciplines, and learn to shepherd, exhort and guide God's people. Through a foundation of Bible, systematic theology and spiritual formation courses, you'll be prepared to diagnose the spiritual condition of others and engage in soul care and discipleship.

To download the current Biblical Spiritual Formation and Discipleship Emphasis of the M.Div. program plan, click here.

Emphasis Distinctives

  • Experience personal transformation through the Word of God.
  • Develop spiritual disciplines and grow in sanctification.
  • Prepare to carefully assess and address the spiritual condition of others.
  • Articulate biblical perspectives and explain the essentials of the Christian faith.
  • Gain understanding of spiritual warfare and world religions.
  • Learn to lean on the Holy Spirit as you relate to others and compassionately minister to their needs.
  • Develop field experience under guided supervision through an internship (three credit hours).
  • Shepherd, exhort and guide God's people to spiritual maturity.