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Personal Enrichment Course Descriptions

Personal Enrichment Courses are developed by Moody-approved instructors and theologians and retain integrity in communicating biblical truths and enabling students to grow deeper in these truths through a systematic curriculum. Students also have the opportunity to earn certificates in up to six fields of interest. Students earn Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credits to work towards a Personal Enrichment Certificate recognized by Moody Bible Institute as Continuing Education Credit. CEUs are courses taken strictly for personal enrichment. CEU courses do not meet any college credit requirements.

Survey of Old the Testament I (BI 0001)
Genesis through Esther; gives attention to individual books and shows their relationship to the entire Bible.

See a sample chapter of this course.

Survey of the Old Testament II (BI 0002)
Job through Malachi; studies the books of poetry and prophecy. Teaches the relationship of each book to the entire Bible.

Survey of the New Testament (BI 0005)
An overview of the entire New Testament; provides a link between the life of Christ, the birth of the church and the doctrines expounded throughout.

Micah (BI 0009)
This course will provide a general exposition of the book of Micah. Emphasis will be placed on the book’s literary structure, theological argument for the ancient Israelites, and place in the canon of Scripture, along with appropriate application to believers’ lives today.

Genesis (BI 0011)
The study of beginnings, tracing man's roots back to the origin of time; covers the subjects of creation, sin, death, sacrifices, languages and the nations.

Exodus (BI 0012)
A study of redemption that shows the drama of Israel's deliverance from slavery. Lessons include the origins of the Jewish Passover Feast, the giving of the Ten Commandments and the tabernacle.

Joshua (BI 0017)
Analyzes Israel's conquest of the Promised Land. Provides moral and spiritual lessons. Joshua's key to victory over the enemy is a key for victorious Christian living.

Judges and Ruth (BI 0018)
Studies Israel's moral downfall and the story of Ruth and Boaz; provides insights into the Kinsman-Redeemer theme, the weakness of human character and the nature of God's grace.

Psalms (BI 0029)
This course analyzes these songs of prayer and praise and highlights main themes and prophetic content; also distinguishes various types of psalms.

Proverbs (BI 0030)
Offers wisdom for living. The student learns to apply biblical wisdom to everyday life situations. Studies include relationships with society, family and God.

Isaiah (BI 0033)
This study of events to come examines the great prophet who was the conscience of his generation. Predictions of the first and second comings of Christ are considered in detail.

Daniel (BI 0037)
An account of the sovereignty of God; Daniel reveals the course of Gentile world empires and the ultimate deliverance of God's covenant people.

Bible Prophecy (BI 0091)
Examines principles of prophecy from a biblical perspective. Covers topics such as God's dealing with Israel, the Antichrist and Christ's second coming.

How to Understand the Bible (BI 0099)
Includes a survey of how we got the Bible, the conflict of science and the Bible and the tools and methods necessary for a deeper understanding of God's Word.

Teaching with Results (ED 0001)*
A study of the principles of Christian teaching and learning, personal Bible study, steps in lesson preparation and planning, classroom management and evaluation.

See a sample chapter of this course.

Building a Successful Sunday School (ED 0003)*
Identifies how to organize and implement an effective Sunday school ministry; examines how to set up departments, train teachers and solve problems.

Understanding Students (ED 0031)*
Explores the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual characteristics of human development from birth through adulthood.

How to Manage Your Money (ED 0036)*
An in-depth Bible study on how to handle personal finances. Designed to encourage the development of a family budget in order to be free from financial bondage.

Successful Soul Winning (EV 0002)
Examines what the Bible teaches about a Christian's responsibility to witness. Includes training, technique, problems and victories.

The Cults Exposed (EV 0006)
Exposes the doctrinal errors of cults such as Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses, Christian Science, Spiritualism, etc. Designed to sharpen Bible knowledge and witnessing skills.

The Biblical Basis of Missions (MI 0001)*
An introduction to the study of Christian missions using the Bible as a guide. A practical course recommended for those interested in missions.

Memorize the Word (PS 0030)*
A memorization course that helps students in personal and group Bible studies, witnessing and other areas of Christian service; provides proven techniques for memorizing.

Matthew (BI 0051)
Emphasizes Jesus as the promised Messiah and King of Israel; probes the meaning of Israel's rejection of Christ and God's program following that rejection.

John (BI 0054)
In John's gospel, Christ reveals more of Himself than in any other book in the New Testament. A rewarding study that can lead to a deeper spiritual life.

Acts (BI 0055)
Studies the birth of the Christian church and focuses on the relationship of the book of Acts to the Gospels; examines the ministries of Peter, Paul and other early church leaders.

Romans (BI 0056)
Reveals Paul's complete and logical statement of God's plan of salvation. Presents deep doctrinal truths that are applicable to Christian living.

1 Samuel (BI 0014)*
Demonstrates how the familiar stories found in 1 Samuel reveal God's character and play a role in His plan to redeem His people, Israel, and ultimately, humanity.

See a sample chapter of this course. 

2 Samuel (BI 0016)*
Empasizes how God faithfully raises up a nation led by a king whom God uses to bless the entire world.

1 Kings (BI 0022)*
This course examines the history of the Israelites' search for a leader and God's intimate involvement in this process; God demonstrates what leadership ought to be.

2 Kings (BI 0023)*
Provides a general exposition of the book of II Kings. Emphasis will be placed on the book's literary structure, theological argument for the ancient Israelites, and place in the canon of Scripture, along with appropriate application to believers lives today. 

1 Corinthians (BI 0057)*
Examines contemporary issues that face today's church, such as the role of women in the church, church discipline, marriage and divorce, civil rights and spiritual gifts.

Galatians (BI 0062)*
Focuses on the believer's freedom in Christ. The student will learn the purpose of the Law and the elements of a life truly pleasing to God.

Ephesians (BI 0064)
Examines how to become a mature child of God. Topics covered are unity of believers, spiritual gifts within the church and relationships at home or work.

Hebrews (BI 0069)
Highlights passages of Christ's deity. Clarifies His high priestly ministry as a fulfillment of Old Testament types and shadows.

James (BI 0070)
Presents important lessons on resisting evil, enduring temptation and avoiding evil speech and gossip. A practical course on how our actions reflect our faith.

See a sample chapter of this course.

1 and 2 Peter (BI 0072)*
Discusses Peter's letters to persecuted Christians. Contains practical guidelines for dealing with family, business or social relationships.

Revelation (BI 0077)
A well-documented study that examines the end of history; discusses many elements of the events of the last days.

Life of Christ (BI 0090)
Explains the four Gospels through a comparative analysis that reconstructs Jesus' life and ministry in chronological order.

The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (TH 0004)
Emphasizes the personality, deity, and activities of the Holy Spirit; examines the Spirit's role in creation, revelation and the inspiration of the Scriptures.

A Holy Life and How to Live It (TH 0009)
Provides biblical steps that lead to greater freedom from sin. Covers basic principles of moral actions with emphasis on practical applications.

Basic Christian Doctrine (TH 0012)
Discloses the basics of the Christian faith. Topics include God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, Christian heritage, the inspiration of the Bible and living the Christian life.

First Steps in the Christian Faith (TH 0016)
A study of the assurance of salvation and forgiveness for sin; also explores the significance of baptism and Communion.

God's Will For Your Life (TH 0017)
Teaches what the Bible says about discovering God's will. Lessons give practical instruction on waiting on God, pleasing Him and developing a relationship with the Lord.

The Good News (TH 0018)*
Provides a simple explanation of God's plan of salvation; ideal for unsaved people, new believers or those who need assurance of salvation; excellent tool for evangelistic use.

*CEU Series Electives