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FLASHBACK: Want to be a missionary?

FLASHBACK: Want To Be a Missionary?

  • December 1, 2019

...Learn to cook!

For many years cooking classes were required for both men and women who enrolled in Moody’s missionary course. No matter where God called you, a missionary would need to eat. Long before words like farm-to-table, organic, and locavore became food adjectives, Moody students were learning to take market foods and cook from scratch. And men—don’t expect your wives to do all of the work. To pass the course, all students needed to demonstrate basic butchery skills, meal planning and preparation for a variety of cuisines, and bread baking in camp ovens (shown here in a 1930 photo). The home economics and manual arts classrooms were located in a row of buildings along LaSalle Blvd., later demolished for the construction of Crowell Hall in 1939.

Home economics classroom in 1930.