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Matthew Snyder

Matthew Snyder

Instructor of Communications
  • Email:
  • Department:
    Music and Media Arts
  • Location:
  • School:
    Undergraduate in Chicago
  • Position:
  • Start Date:
    August 2021
  • Personal Information:

    ​Matt Snyder is a professor, a shepherd, and a storyteller. Storytelling is the act of making singular experiences into shared experiences, and it flows from our union with the risen Christ and our divine calling to priesthood, to caring for people and culture, to making something of God’s world. Stuck in pain, rebellion, and despair, people long for flourishing. Storytellers envision and catalyze that flourishing, shalom—peace and harmony for individuals and communities. Matt believes the Lord has created him to teach, to craft art, to cultivate Kingdom culture, and to shepherd His people, artists, and ministers of the coming generations.

  • Educational Background:

    AS, Daytona State College
    BA, Moody Bible Institute
    ThM, Dallas Theological Seminary

  • Professional / Personal Interests:

    Professor Snyder's professional interests include: theology & culture, culture care, ritual formation, media ecology & technology, theology, imagination & the arts, visual art & design, the kingdom of God, general revelation, and creation.

    Professor Snyder's peronal interests include:
    Reading, photography, LEGOs, and traveling with his wife.