Nancy Chamberlain

Certificate of Completion for “God Speaks Your Love Language”


When I became aware of a new course from Gary Chapman's series "God Speaks Your Love Language" I jumped at the chance to participate. I was very familiar with the 5 Love Languages. Here Dr. Chapman conducts an in-depth discussion of how God expresses His love to each of us, specifically through our own Love Languages.  Dr. Chapman cites numerous examples of tender loving care through the life and ministry of our Savior Jesus Christ, utilizing lectures, a workbook, and assessments. And I gained a deeper, richer understanding of God's boundless love for me. I’m eager to take his other courses and learn how our love languages can help fulfill our emotional and spiritual needs, and how we can then learn to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of those around us.

I have white hair, but never grow tired of learning. Our Creator God, in His manifestation for the redemption of sinful men through His Son Jesus, compels me to delight in a never-ending journey of discovery. Through historical events, and the people who have gone before, the current human condition, His creative power, and loving purpose result in hunger to know more and more.

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