You’ll take these courses in the program:


Your ground training will equip you for the Private, Instrument and Commercial FAA certification exams.

Flight training toward Private and Instrument certification will be accomplished in a Cessna 172R. Your skills will grow as you earn your High Performance endorsement in a Cessna U206G, Complex endorsement in a Cessna R182, and tailwheel endorsement in a Cessna A185F.

Advanced flight training will include introduction to flight environments including night operations, congested airspace, mountain navigation, and unimproved airstrip evaluation. It will culminate with a weeklong extended cross country trip into the Idaho mountain range.

Your internship introduces you to the world of missionary aviation and provides opportunity to visit mission bases in the United States and around the world.

You will be equipped with the skills to care for your aircraft as you serve in remote areas of the world. You’ll be trained in the basic use of machine tools, welding, and airframe and engine inspection procedures. Gain further maintenance experience through troubleshooting, avionics, reciprocating, and turbine engine coursework.


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